Louise Grenier
BSc Nursing, Homeopath,
Adv. Neuro Linguistic Progamming
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Each kit includes:

Homeopathic remedy (2 convenient vials)
Tissue salts
An audio recording designed to eliminate pet allergies (worth $300!)
A simple letter with step-by-step instructions on how to use the contents of the kit

You will receive the contents in a sealed envelope at your doorstep
(shipping fee is include in the price of the kit).
Homeopathic remedies - these remedies are very safe to use and have no side effects. They stimulate your body’s own defense system to manage exposure to allergens, instead of suppressing the allergic symptoms.

You will receive the same remedy in 2 separate vials, you can keep one at home and the other in your purse or at work for convenience.

Tissue salt
- your kit comes with a bottle of tissue salt (Schuessler salt) that resembles the electrolytes you carry in your cells body.  It will help the minerals and micronutrients to enter your cells to be certain that the cells of your body have the nutrient they need in order to function properly.
Audio recording - a specially designed audio recording proven to eliminate symptoms of pet allergies when used in conjunction with Homeopathy. This is a recording that uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques so you don’t have to come for a consultation- you can listen to it in the comfort of your own home!  The audio is about 20 min. long and is very easy to follow.

A proven combination…

I was a nurse working in Intensive Care Units and teaching Nursing before leaving this successful career to start my journey into the Natural Health field.

In the 20+ years in my general health practice where I used a variety of natural health modalities (Homeopathy, NLP, Naturopathy to name a few), I have come to learn the ultimate combination of techniques to eliminate allergies.

The level of success at clearing allergies has been overwhelming.  I created this kit (and others for other specific allergies) in order to make the price more affordable to you compared to an in-office session.  Enjoy!
... because a life without allergies is just so much better
Plus GST for total of $88.20
Shipping included