Louise Grenier
BSc Nursing, Homeopath,
Adv. Neuro Linguistic Progamming
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The Ultimate Kit to decrease your Indoor Allergy symptoms without the effect of anti-histamine drugs. 

The Natural way to eradicate Indoor Allergy symptoms and enjoy the comfort of your house!

The kit includes a Homeopathic remedy and an audio recording of a NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) session specific for Indoor Allergy.
You will receive the remedy in an envelop at your doorstep, while you will have access to the recording from your computer.  (Shipping fee and taxes are both included in the price of the kit).

The Homeopathic remedy comes into 2 small vials with about 80 granules each. 

It is the same remedy in both vial, but I though it to be more convenient to have 2 vials, so you can keep one at home and one at work.

Audio recording of an NLP technique that you can listen in the comfort of your home.
The audio is about 20 min. long, easy and simple to follow.

Because it is very relaxing and that you have to use your mind in the process, you should not be driving while listening to the recording.  Use common sense for your own protection.

I was a nurse working in Intensive Care Unit and teaching Nursing before leaving behind this career to start my journey into the Natural Health field. 

It is 20 years since I have my practice and that I work with people suffering from chronic diseases always by addressing the cause of the illness.
The level of success at clearing allergies is really good.  I created this kit (Homeopathic remedy and audio recording) in order to make the price very affordable compare to an in-office session.
... because a life without allergies is just so much better
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Shipping included